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Comfort Guide.

Each one of our products are hand-made and tailored to you. Although we carefully select the cushion interiors for each of our models, we know each individual has a prefence when it comes to comfort. This guide will allow you to pick the interior that is perfect for you.

Please note: Fabric cushions are fully reversible. Only the INTERIOR of leather cushions are reversible; leather cushions are made one-sided to allow the leather to breathe and avoid bursts in the seams.

Hand-Buttoned Seats

 • Comfort - Firm 

 • Offering a firm and comfortable sit, paired with stunning hand- buttoning, the buttoned seat option is available on almost all of our chesterfield ranges.

Cushion Interiors

 • Comfort: Firm - Medium - Soft

 • Maintanence: Low - Medium - High



Siliconised Fibre Interiors

• Comfort - Soft | Maintenance - High

• Super soft siliconised fibre bringing ultimate comfort.

• Interiors are reversible. Will need plumping  frequently.




Double Wrap Interiors

• Comfort - Medium | Maintenance - Low

• Double Wrap cushions, a block of foam wrapped with soft fibre for additional comfort.

• Interior will keep shape over a longer period of time. Interiors are reversible. Will need flipping/turning occasionally





Joined Feather Interiors

• Comfort - Firm | Maintenance - Medium
• Foam core, providing firmness & shape to your cushion. A layer of feather providing a ‘lived in’ look.
• Cushions are reversible, will typically keep their shape. Will need plumping occasionally


Foam Interiors

• Comfort - Firm 
• Maintenance - Low
• Firm foam interiors. 
• Interior will keep shape over a longer period of time. Swap cushions over occasionally
Only avaliable on selected models only.