What Warranty Do I Have On My Purchase?

Your framework is guaranteed for 15 years from the date of delivery, and your leather/fabric is guaranteed for 1 year. Optional 5 year accidental damage warranty available, please look below for more details.

What is this type of extended insurance?

This insurance policy is designed for those who wish to insure their furniture against accidental staining, accidental damage and structural defects. It is a stand-alone
policy and you should use the information below to establish if this policy is right for you. If you have existing policies that give the same cover elsewhere, you will need
to consider whether you may be paying for duplicate cover

What is insured?

Accidental staining and accidental damage provides cover for
specific accidental events.

Accidental staining from any substance including, but not limited to:
✔ Food ✔ Drinks ✔ Cosmetics ✔ Ink ✔ Paint

Accidental damage including, but not limited to:
✔ Rips ✔ Tears ✔ Burns ✔ Scratches ✔ Punctures ✔ Scuffs
✔ Dents ✔ Chips ✔ Heat ring(s)
✔ Breakage of glass components
✔ Breakage of frame components

Structural defects including, but not limited to:
✔ Defects to frames
✔ Defects to fabric materials such as fraying
✔ Peeling of the finish on solid wood
✔ Bending and breakage to metal components
✔ Excessive loss of resilience to cushion interiors
✔ Defects to mechanical, electric recliners and components
✔ Broken zips, castors, and buttons
✔ Separation of seams and stitching
✔ Lifting or peeling of leather and vinyl
✔ Broken springs and excessive stretching of webbing

Valid claims will be settled by cleaning or repairing the damaged
product. If parts are required, these will be sourced using the
original specification of the product. If the product cannot be
cleaned or repaired, we will provide an alternative settlement.

What is not insured?

✘ Damage caused deliberately by you or any person;

✘ Any damage resulting from wear and tear;

✘ The gradual accumulation of damage or staining, accidental or

✘ Structural defects in products manufactured with a defective

design or specification and subject to a manufacturer recall;

✘ Changes in colour or damage to of any part of the product
caused by sunlight, perspiration, natural hair and body oils or
wear and tear;

✘ Accidental staining or accidental damage caused by the use
of incorrect or inappropriate cleaning products or cleaning

✘ Damage caused by any animal other than your pet(s);

✘ Structural defects first discovered before the expiry of the
manufacturer’s guarantee period.

This is not a general cleaning or maintenance contract. As such,
cover is not provided for staining or damage, accidental or
otherwise, which has occurred or accumulated over a period
of time.

For full details of all exclusions, please refer to the Terms and

Where am I covered?

✔ In the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man

What are my obligations?

• To take all reasonable precautions to safeguard the product and to avoid loss or damage to it

• To maintain the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

• To make a claim as soon as possible, but no longer than 28 days after noticing the damage, as shown in your terms and conditions

• To supply accurate and complete answers to all the questions we may ask as part of your application for cover under the policy.

Are there any restrictions on cover?

! You are 18 or older at the date of purchase;

! You are resident in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man;

! The price of the product(s) purchased has a value of no
more than £20,000;

! The product must be used for your own domestic purposes;

! Your product must be new at the start of this policy and free
from damage;

! You cannot transfer this insurance to another person;

! The value of a repair, or any alternative settlement, shall not
exceed the amount you originally paid for the product.